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Clan Of Bloodline
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 Interesting News from Dev's

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Interesting News from Dev's Empty
PostSubject: Interesting News from Dev's   Interesting News from Dev's Icon_minitimeTue Apr 22, 2008 1:31 am

>__Raiutaryuu :__
>>__imnothuman :__
>>>advantages will be given to the city with the most victories.
>>Is this just with prism fights or aggressions?
>Neither. Djaul and Silouate (two of the many month protectors of the Dofus world) will appear in the flesh and battle, with players helping. Djaul (servant of the demon Rushu) represents Brakmar, while Silouate (protector of the month of April) represents Bonta. (Since the gods are more or less evenly matched, the players are the ones who will turn the tide)
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Interesting News from Dev's
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